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Custom Acrylic Phone Rings

  • Stand out by making your own custom acrylic phone rings. Each ring has a 3m foam adhesive backing to hold strong on your phone or case.
  • Pricing is per design. If you want to do 100 total with 50 of one design and 50 of another, it is priced as two orders of 50 qty. Adding multiple designs Together saves $15 per added design. If 50 x 2 designs, they’d be $135 x 2 = $270 – $15 = $255 delivered
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Phone Rings FAQs

What are they made of?  
Acrylic plastic and the metal ring with a 3M adhesive backing.

Does the ring spin?
Yes.  It can twist and turn to work as a stand as well.

What kind of art is needed?
A flat file or vector is ok and should be at least 300 dpi at scale and can be full color.  The art is digitally printed, so there are no restrictions on gradients or needing outlines between colors.

Can the art go to the edge or can it have a clear border?
If a more simple shape, the art can go all of the way to the edge.  If a shape is more complex, we sometimes need to add a border like on a sticker.  It cannot be clear because the 3m goes to the edge and is white, so we can either print white in that extra space or choose a color that works with your design.

How to they stick to the phone/case?
The backs have 3m Foam adhesive that holds very strong.  They can be removed from a phone with effort.

What’s a good size for them?
A pretty average size if a circle is around 1.5″ . We can do any size you’d like and even something 2-3″ but keep in mind how much space it will take up on a phone and people’s cases often have a lip to them.  To give you an idea edge to edge of two iphone models, iPhone 8 2.65” wide – iPhone 10 2.8” wide.

Does pricing include shipping? 
For US orders, it does include everything to your doorstep delivered.  For Canada, add $30 on up to 200 qty and for International, add $45 for up to 200 qty.  They can be fit into a flat rate priority box, so depending on the size of your ring, we may be able to fit more in there for that amount.

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