Create retail quality stationary products with us!

At Alchemy, we focus on producing retail quality, traditional custom washi tape in full color cmyk or foil. Our mission is to help you make the best merchandise you can for your brand.

Explore different options to up your stationary game.

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CMYK Washi
10m long rolls with a 350mm repeat pattern length. Designs can be full color with gradients. Min order amount - 50 quantity per design.

Foil Washi
5m long rools with a 250mm repeat pattern length. Full color washi + a foil color of your choosing. The most common foils are gold, silver and rainbow. We have other options available, but please email us for turnaround. Lesser used foil colors will take longer to produce. Min order amount - 50 quantity per design

Other Styles
We can also make stamp washi, glitter washi and clear washi tapes. Please email us for an exact quote.

Custom Deskmats
Design your own custom deskmats, mousepads and gaming mats. We have some common sizes listed, but we can make any size you'd like or any custom shapes. Please email us for an exact quote for a custom sizes or a different thickness.

Our default thickness is 3mm, but we can make 4mm or thinner based on your needs.

The mats are water resistent, but choosing waterproofing is an option. Most people do not really need this, but it can serve as an added feature for your listing.

Minimum Order Amount: 25 of a size

Orders can be split with multiple designs priced off of the total if they are the same sizee and have at least 25 per design. An order of 100 90x40cm mats could be 50x2 designs and priced as 100.

We can also add LED lights and wireless phone chargers, but it will raise the cost significantly.