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Face Masks

  • Mask Sizes: Large/XL – 25 cm x 15 cm, Small/Medium – 24 cm x 13cm , Kids – 21 cm x 12 cm,

  • 5 ply PM2.5 filter included – has a slot for replacement for filters

  • Adjustable metal nose bar

  • Adjustable straps

  • Washable

  • Poly-Cotton Blend
  • 3 Layers of Fabric + 5 ply filter
  • Production time -7-10 business days from order + transit – about 3 weeks in hand

Face Mask FAQS

How long do they take to make?
Production time is 7-10 business days + transit, so on average, about 3 weeks in hand from order date.

Do you have templates? Yes! Vector PDF + Raster PSD zip

Mask Templates

Small/Medium + Kids

Large/XL Size + Kids

Are they washable?
Yes.  These can be washed and come with a replaceable filter as well.

Can I have multiple designs in an order?
Yes, as long as we have 25 per design.  An order of 100 can be 50/50, or an order of 200 could be 50 x 4 and be priced for 200.

What color straps are available?
Currently, we have Black or White strap options.

Can I split sizes in an order?
Yes.  As long as we have at least 25 of each size, it’s no problem.

What kind of filter is in them?
Each mask has a 5 ply PM2.5 filter in it and there is a slot on the side to be able to replace it with another filter.

Do you sell extra filters?
Yes.  They are 50c each and can be added in the store.  They can also be found on sites like Amazon easily for your customers to replace on their own.

Are the filters washable?
Like any kind of filters, they should be replaced vs washed and after 5-7+ days depending on usage and not washed.

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