All of our listed pricing includes mold fees, production & priority shipping to you.

Pricing includes any size up to a max 1.75″
2″ +$20 per 100
2.25″ +$30 per 100
2.5″ +$40 per 100
email for larger size pricing

You can have more colors than what is listed. It adds about $10 per 100 per color as you go up on lower quantity orders.

For larger grouped orders, please send us a message through our contact us form to get your pricing. The savings come from shared shipping, and we will get an exact direct quote from the factory to save you as much as we can.

Live overseas?
No problem!  We can ship directly to you from the factory. 

Any quantity is available. We operate very closely with our manufacturers which allows us the flexibility to order whichever amount fits your budget. If you need 125, 250, 300, 425, etc, that is all possible.

2020 SoftEnamel Alchemy pricing for site
hard enamel pin pricing - alchemy merch
Offset Printed Pins Pricing - Alchemy Merch



Die Cut Zinc Alloy

50 qty



add $35

100 qty



add $45

200 qty



add $65

300 qty



add $85

400 qty



add $105

500 qty



add $125

1000 qty



add $250

Alchemy Merch Enamel Pin add ons

Other Metal Styles

Antique Sandblasted

same cost as a 1-2 color soft enamel

Rainbow Metal

priced as die cast nickel + $80 per 100

Pantone Dyed Metals

same cost as black dye (soft enamel only)

Specialty Inks + Add ons


$25 per color/ 100

Rainbow Glitter

$50/100 (rainbow glitter over multiple colors)

Glow in the Dark

$25 per color/ 100

Sequential Numbering

$30/ 100

Screenprinted Spot Color(s)

$50 (per design)

Epoxy Top Coating


Embossed Back Stamp

$40 - can be used for free on future orders

Laser Back Stamp

$40 - single use/ reprints charged again

Deluxe Locking Backers

$25/100 - a pin with 2 posts would be $50/100

Circle Magnet Backing

$20/100 on pins 1.25" or smaller - $40/100 on pins larger than 1.25"

Strip Magnet Backing

$50/100 - longer strip magnet

Backing Cards + Packaging

80mm x 54mm (most common)

$50 first 100/ +$25 per additional 100 (e.g. 300 carded = $100)

75mm x 100mm (about 3" x 4")

$50 first 100/ +$35 per additional 100 (e.g. 300 carded = $120)

Die Cut Cards

$125/200 (min order 200) +$35 each additional 100 

Alchemy Merch Soft Enamel Pin metal options
Alchemy Merch - Hard Enamel Metal Options
alchemy merch - pin backing options

Important notes about specialty inks and metals.

Glow in the dark
It is a powder put onto an ink, so we can add it to any color.  Normal glow glows green and the lighter the base color, the brighter it will glow.  White with glow will be brightest and a darker tone like a red will not glow strong.  In soft enamel, the powder gives the ink a matte appearance.  If you want it glossy, we can add epoxy to soft enamel on request or do hard enamel.  The default way they come in soft enamel does not have epoxy unless requested as it changes the overall appearance of the end product.

It can be added to any ink color and is made up of multiple colors of glitter to try and best go with the ink it is added to.  It is not an exact pantone match and is made up from a set selection of base glitter tones, so it can vary between batches on re-orders.  Glitter will overpower the base tone it is added to.  Like glow, in soft enamel, it will give the ink a gritty texture because it is glitter flakes mixed into an ink and an epoxy coat can be added on request or it can also be used in hard enamel.  The default way they come in soft enamel does not have epoxy unless requested as it changes the overall appearance of the end product.

Rainbow Metal
The process to anodize the metal can take a while and is intensive.  Rainbow pins cannot be done in a rush or hard date and can take 6-8 weeks to get from proof approval.

Color books to choose inks

When choosing colors, you can pick from Pantone Solid Coated + Pantone Pastels.
• 870s range metallics not available – we do have a stock metallic silver or gold available in one tone.
• 800s (solid coated) and 900s (Pastel/Neons book) are not true neon.  They can be color matched close in hue, but not in saturation or neon.

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