Craftwerk Double Combo Bundle - 400 15mm Washi + 400 4x6 sticker sheets

$730.00 $830.00

Get your stationary game going strong with this combo bundle.  This bundle includes the following items and saves $100 vs each item on their own.  It's the perfect way to launch your store.

400 Rolls of 15mm Washi (can be split up into 8 designs x 50, 4 designs x 100, 2 designs x 200 or 400 of one design)
400 4" x 6" Sticker Sheets (one design)

You can have multiple designs of Washi, but they all must be the same size and a minimum of 50 each

Stickers Sheets that may increase the cost.  You can also add a top sticker label to your washi.  

Designing for Sticker Sheets
• You can have as many stickers as you'd like on the sheets.  the entire sheet is a sticker, but the specific designs will peel off
• The designs will be kiss cut and should have the cut lines marked in the file.  The easiest way to do that is to make a separate layer over the art that can be turned off/on.  Most times, we use a 100% Cyan color to shoe the cut lines.
• A kiss cut means that they score the sticker sheet in the shape of your design and the design will peel off of it.
• The best file types would be a vector or a layered file, such as a Photoshop PSD or layered PDF.

Washi Templates

10mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

15mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

20mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

30mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

32mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

Washi Sticker Label Template

Top Sticker Label Vector Template

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