Soft Enamel - Simple shapes


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Soft enamel with simple/softer shapes.  Any basic shapes like a circle, square, etc + any custom shapes that have a softer edge without any deep cut in areas, holes knocked out or jagged edges.  Unsure?  Just email us and we can let you know and give an exact quote.

Soft enamel have flat metal and the inks are recessed (at a lower profile).  If you ran you hand over the top, there is a height difference between the metal and inks.

Any design above 2" requires Die-Cast Zinc alloy found here

What makes a shape need die-cut zinc alloy?
When the shape has deeper cut in areas, any holes or a lot of thin or cut in areas, we need to use a different kind of mold that is cast in zinc alloy vs iron(stamped for simpler shapes).  Areas like cut ins for legs, arms, hair and any shape that doesn't have a soft enough overall edge to it may need zinc alloy, which is a softer metal that allows finer details in the mold.  They cost more because of the mold type and raw materials cost of zinc over iron.

Do you use Procreate?  Download our template as a zip with canvas and a brush set for Ink minimums, metal line minimums and cut out areas

Backing Card Templates - Pins + Keychains

80x54mm Pin Backing Card 

75x100mm Pin Backing Card

Procreate Templates with Pin minimums
 10"x10" 300 dpi template with Brush Sets for Metal/Ink & Cut Outs