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Cost Per

Production Time



$5 each

2-4 business days



$3.25 each

2-4 business days



$2.75 each

2-4 business days



$2.50 each

3-6 business days



$2.25 each

3-6 business days



$2 each

3-6 business days



$1.75 each

3-6 business days



$1.50 each

15-20 business days



$1.25 each

15-20 business days



$1.10 each

15-20 business days

Wooden Pins

  • Prices listed are up to a max 2″ tall – email for pricing on larger sizes
  • No set up fees.
  • Mix and match your order based off of the total number of pins.  e.g., 100 total could be 5 designs x 20 qty each
  • Add a backstamp logo for +$0.75 per pin
  • Made of solid Cherry Wood.
  • Proudly printed in the USA in partnership with the Wooden Pin, Charlotte/NC, USA
  • Add an area of acrylic for +$0.45 per – email for details

Wooden Pin FAQS

What sizes are available for wooden pins?
The pricing listed is for up to a maximum of 2″

Do you have templates? Yes! Vector PDF links below
Wooden Pin Design Template

How do I design for a custom wooden pin?
We need black and white artwork.  Whatever is white will be lighter/ flat wood and all of the black in your design will be laser burned into the wood.  The edge can be either the white or black of the file.  Please provide a cut line as well in your artwork.

How long do wooden pins take to get made?
On average it’s anywhere from a few days to 2-3 weeks depending on the quantity and complexity of the order.

Can I have multiple designs in an order?
Yes!  Looking to do lower runs?  No problem.  You could make 50 and have that be 25/25, or 100 with 5 designs – 20 qty each and be priced as 100 total, not 5 smaller orders.

Can I add a logo to the backs of them?
Yes.  Because they need to be added one by one, doing a back logo will add $0.75 per pin it gets added to.  To add a back stamp on 100 would add $75

What kind of backing do they have?
Right now they use a silver metal butterfly clasp.

Where are they made?
Wooden pins are made right here in the USA out of Charlotte, NC

What kind of wood is used?
We use a solid cherry wood for them.

Do you make any other wooden products?
Yes!  We can make keychains or stickers as well.  Please send us an email for an exact quote.

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