Mask FAQs

Alchemy Merch - Custom Face Mask Pricing Chart

Mask FAQs

What size are the masks?
Kids - 21 cm x 12 cm
Small/Medium - 24 cm x 13cm
Large/XL - 25 cm x 15 cm 
X-Shape: 24 cm x 18 cm
Rectangle Shape: 21 cm x 17 cm

Can I split an order with multiple designs and sizes?
Yes.  As long as we have a minimum of 25 per design, you can split an order and have them priced off of the total.  100 (25x4) or 200(100 Large/ 50 medium /50 kids), etc is all ok and would be priced off of the total amount ordered.  We can't do splits lower than 25 of a design.  

How many layers of fabric and what kind of fabric are they?
The masks have 2 main layers of polyester fabric and come with a PM 2.5 - 5 layer filter.  There is a slot for easy replacement of filters.  Altogether, they have 7 layers of protection.



Are they washable?
Yes.  It is not suggested to wash the filters, but the masks should be washed and it is suggested to hang dry them.  Filters are made to be replaced, not washed.

How long do they take to make?
Production time is about 7-10 business days from order and with shipping, about 3 weeks in hand.  All pricing includes all shipping within the USA. 

Do you have templates?
Yes.  They can be found here on our templates page.