PVC Shoe Charms


Crocs are a thing and we can help you decorate them in style with custom PVC shoe charms.  They snap into Crocs to add some much needed personal style.

Min order is 100 pieces of a single design..  PVC products need a mold made (price included), so the cost per goes down as the volume goes up.  A reprint or reprint variant in new colors would save $50 because we'd have the mold already.  

Shoe charms are a nice, solid 3mm thick.  None of that cheap 1.5mm flimsy junk.

Each design counts as its own order because they require a mold to be made

All pricing includes the mold, all production and shipping within the USA

Price chart

Alchemy PVC Jibbitz Shoe Charms


Can I have more than one design in an order?  No.  Each design needs a mold made, so we cannot share designs to price on the combined total.  Every design is its own order.

Can I do a color variant?  Yes, but please email us for exact pricing.  We can't do a huge amount of variants.  On an order of 200(100/100), it may only add about $20, but we need a reasonable amount per variant to not get expensive.  It's all about labor time.

Is the mold included in the cost? Yep!  The mold and all shipping and production is already priced in.

Can I make different quantities?  Yes.  We just have some common order sizes listed, but please email us for a quote on any amount you'd like.

Is a reprint or reprint variant cheaper? Yes.  It will save a flat $50 because we would already have the mold.  Please email us for a reprint.

What type of file should I send?  If you have a vector, that's perfect!  If not, please send any high resolution file you have and we will make it work.

How long do they take to make?  It's about a month on average.

Can I order an amount less than 100?  Technically, yes, but, the price is the exact same as 100, so unless you really just want less, there is no reason to do this.

Can I make them larger than 2"?  Yes, email us for exact pricing

Can I put them on backing cards?  Yes, but please email us to get a factory quote.  the size of the cards will influence their price and we'd be happy to check anything for you.

Design Specs

• Colors must be chosen from Pantone Solid Coated.  If you want to provide them, please send the list.  If you aren't familiar, it's no problem.  We'd choose closest match.

• All colors but be 100% solid tones.  No gradients and each color must have a line between them, much like a pin.

If designing at scale and vector

areas of color, min 0.3mm

space between colors (gaps) 0.25mm - think of it like a metal outline on a pin but as recessed areas



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