Create retail quality patches with us!

At Alchemy, we focus on producing retail quality custom embroidered, 50% embroidered, woven and patch keychains. Our mission is to help you make the best merchandise you can for your brand.

Choose from 100% embroidered, 50%, Woven or Patch Keychains.

Learn about the differences in patch styles

100% Embroidered
All elements of a 100% embroidered patch are embroidered and at the same height. These patches are the heaviest in weight, but hold the least amount of details. Max Colors: 8. Min order amount - 50 quantity per design

50% Embroidered
The backround color is a twill fabric and at a lower height, with all other elements embroidered and raised. We can only have 1 color as the twill, with the rest emebroidered. Think of a classic scout badge with the different heights. Medium Weight. Max Colors: 8 (7 embroidered +1 twill). Min order amount - 50 quantity per design

Woven patches use a plate and can hold much higher details than an embroidered patch. They are all one height, with a tighter weave and are the lightest in weight. A merrowed or embroidered edge can be added to add some weight. Max Colors: 8. Min order amount - 100 quantity per design

Patch Keychains
Although we have a size listed on here, we can make any size or shape you'd like. Patch keychains work best when either using woven or 50% embroidered styles. Designs are typically double sided and can have different art on each side without changing the cost. Max Colors: 8. Min order amount - 100 quantity per design

Patch Backing Options
Iron-On, Velco, Adhesive and Sew On