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Hang out with Alchemy and create your own custom banners that are perfect to use for displaying a pin collection.  Do they need to hold pins?  Nope.  Can they display pins perfectly?  Yep.  Let your imagination run wild.

We have some stock pricing for common sizes(ranges), but any size or shape can be made. Please email us for any custom quotes.

Sizes of Examples Show in pictures
Alchemy - 30cm x 45cm
Animals - 30 cm x 35cm
Star Candy - 30 cm x 45cm
Cow Heart - 29cm x 32cm (complex shape)
Tiger Pelt - 45cm x 70cm (complex shape)


What is the min order?
We can make 24, but it can only be a single design in the order.

Can I have more than one design in an order? 
If they are the same size/dimensions, yes.....within reason.  An order of 50 could be 25/25 but not 10 x 5.  An order of 100 can be 50/50 but not 20 x 5.  If you really need a lot of variations, please email us for a quote.  Can it be done?  Yes, but the pricing will also depend on how well your files are set up.

What fabric is used?
they are printed onto a canvas material that is a nice sturdy weight for hanging your pin collection on.  

Can they be double sided?  
Yes.  The shape of course needs to match, but if you'd like it two sided, they can be made that way,  Please note that on the backside at the top, you will see a fold over of the front area where it goes around the post hole (example on star candy design)

How long do they take to make?
Once order details are settled, they take about 1 month in production + transit.  Overall, they tend to average between 4-6 weeks.

Do they have to be used for a pin collection?
Not at all.  We make a lot of pins and our clients make a lot of pins, so they work perfectly in that setting, but in general, they are just a rad wall hanging that is sturdy enough to also support pins.  

Can I add a tassel?
Yep.  It adds $0.25 per and one week to production times (they order them in)

Tassel Colors

Adds 1 week to turnaround
Alchemy Tassel Colors


Templates for a simple/ common shape.  Any shape can be made, but if you'd like this style, we have two sizes worked up for you.

30 x 35cm

30 x 45 cm

Pricing Sheet

alchemy - Custom Pin Banner Pricing

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