Rainbow Soft Enamel - Anodized Rainbow Plated


Soft enamel using anodized rainbow plating on a zinc alloy base metal.  Rainbow cannot be hard enamel.  If you'd like to add epoxy to the top for a mock hard enamel, we can do that for free.

Rainbow pins have a longer turnaround that is usually 4-8 weeks in production from a digital proof approval.  Each pin will have a unique color to it, but they tend to most often fall in the blue/purple range.

Pricing for rainbow plating goes down a good amount once you hit 1000 quantity.

Unsure?  Email us and we can let you know and give an exact quote.

Soft enamel have flat metal and the inks are recessed (at a lower profile).  If you ran you hand over the top, there is a height difference between the metal and inks.

• We cannot make rainbow pins with a hard event date unless given a 2 month window to be safe.


Can rainbow metal be done in hard enamel?  No.  But, we can do soft enamel and add epoxy if you'd like for a mock hard enamel look

Why do they take a longer time to make?  Rainbow plating is pretty volatile and prone to having some issues.  They make extra, but if after plating, there are some problems, they will make more raw zinc castings and plate more.  This variance in how well the plating takes adds to the timeline being potentially longer.  

How is Rainbow metal done?  They cast the pins in zinc alloy and then will apply an electrical charge in water to the pins.  The longer the contact, the darker the metal can be in areas, so it can be common for more blues/purples than yellows and greens.  It's a very labor intensive process.  It is common to see a bit of a burst spot on the backside of the pins from where the contact was made.

Why do the cost more?  It's a mix of how labor intensive the plating is (time is money) and them making more than ordered to try and get enough after the first plating.  They try to plate an extra 10% on every order and some of that factors into the cost, knowing some of the plating will fail and not be usable.  It's beautiful and looks cool, but it's a real pain in the butt.


Do you use Procreate?  Download our template as a zip with canvas and a brush set for Ink minimums, metal line minimums and cut out areas

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