You know what looks great?  Your art hanging huge on someone's wall.  Create statement pieces, ready to hang.  

Tapestries are digitally printed onto a woven polyester fabric.  The print is crisp and vibrant.  These are a thinner fabric that if held up to the light (check photos), you can see the light come through.  They are the perfect weight to hang easily.

Edges can be finished with a serger or a folded over and sewn edge (+0.50 per)

For larger orders, please email us for exact pricing.


Can I order multiple designs in one order?  
Yes, but within reason and a min of 25 per and they have to be the same size.  If you want 50 and they are the same size, it can be 25/25, or an order of 100 can be 50(50), etc.  If you are looking for 100(25/4) or some other small breakup, please email us first.  The more labor created by doing a split up, the more they will cost and we'd need to get a quote.  If you art is all vector and in our template, properly saved, it makes it a lot easier.

Can I do different sizes than you have offered?
Yes!  Please email us - orders@alchemymerch.com to get an exact quote.  We have some common sizes listed for the sake of ease and providing templates, but we can make any size.  If it's something close to one offered, it will give you an idea of the price.

Can I order 50 and get 10x5 designs?
No.  Although we can share some designs in an order, we really can't be splitting them up into tiny amounts.

How long do they take to make?
On average, they are about 3-4 weeks in production + transit

What are they made of?
It's a woven polyester blend that is lightweight and holds great colors in the printing.

How can I send my files?  They are huge (photoshop, etc)
If it's too large to use in the uploader, you can send us a dropbox link, wetransfer, etc

What resolution should the files be?
Ideally, vector is best because its top quality and lossless.  If you are designing in raster software like photoshop, you want 300-400 resolution at full size.  If you send a 72dpi file, it will not print well.  Absolute minimum for a decent print would be 150 dpi, but a 300 min is heavily suggested.  


Vector Templates

70 cm x 100 cm - Template

130 cm x 150 cm - Template

150 cm x 200 cm - Template

180 cm x 230 cm - Template

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