Acrylic Pins


Acrylic pins are a great way to show your full color art without any compromising in pin form.

Pins are single sided and have a safety pin style backing.  Metal posts do not stick to plastic and we have found these the most sturdy.

Each pin has two boards of plastic, which means your art is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic.

• Glitter Epoxy can be used on the top in place of a board

Unsure?  Email us and we can walk you through it.


If I do two designs of 50 pieces each, are they combined and priced as 100?
No, each individual design will require its own quote and cannot be combined.

    Can the pins have cutouts in the middle?
    Unfortunately, they cannot. However, you can leave spots intentionally transparent  in your design. E.g: A donut design where the hole in the center is just clear acrylic.

    What file format should I submit my design as?
    A large, 300 DPI image saved as  PSD with a transparent background is ideal. However, we can work with you if you do not have a way to save a PSD. A large high quality image can also work and Vector is always ok.  A png with no background is better than a jpeg.  the image will be printed in CMYK, but it's ok to send in RGB.  Colors will shift when changing to CMYK.

    Can designs be die cut to the edge of the artwork?
    No they cannot.  There must always be an acrylic bleed between the edge of the charm and the artwork. That bleed is 2.5mm.  We will assign this for you in your file, so no need to worry about it.  You can choose to have it be white to the edge or clear.  the charm will be cut to the shape of your art, but the art cannot go all the way to the edge.

    Are there different types of finishes for acrylic pins? (E.G: Glitter, holo)

    Epoxy: A layer of epoxy is placed on the tip of a single acrylic board charm.

    Glitter: Glitter is mixed in with the epoxy above, and brushed onto the charm.

    Holographic: Adds. holographic pattern on your image.

    How long do they take to get made?
    On average it's about 3 weeks

    What kinds of attachment options do I have?
    The pins come with a safety pin backing by default.

    Is there a protective film on the plastic?
    Yes.  When you get them in, the top layer will have a protective lining of plastic that can be peeled off.  Once removed, everything will look much brighter.  It helps protect the surface in transit.

    If I want an area translucent, how do I mark that?
    If you want a color to be translucent, it must be on it's own layer when sending us the files, unless it is a vector already.  Please mention the color you'd like translucent in the notes.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Molly McGraw
    Absolutely Excellent!

    A very affordable and extremely high-quality pin. I got diamond holographic pins of a pride month design, and they arrived quickly and look great!

    Marisa Lyons
    The best pin and customer service!

    I’ve been using Alchemy Merch since I started designing pins. Top notch customer service and the quality is amazing. This was my first time ordering acrylic pins and I couldn’t be happier.

    Holly Goodman

    The pins are adorable with great color accuracy! Some of my pins have some ribbing on the edges, but I went through them with a nail file and filed down the more noticeable edges. I love that they’re double-backed as a lot of other acrylic pin options out there aren’t!