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That old junky desk is looking pretty worn out.  It's time to decorate it with a custom desk mat or mousepad.  These will be the perfect edition to the desk's of your supporters and are great sellers at cons and events.  

We can split orders with multiple designs as long as we have 25 of each and they are the same size.  We cannot split up orders of 25.

3mm thick - Extra cushy 

Smooth Surface - Optimized for tearing it up while gaming.

Anti-Fray Stitched Edge - Built to last 

Non-slip Eco-Friendly Rubber Base - Provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement.

High Definition Printing- Ultra clear printing to make your design pop

Please note that because of the weight, most of these will ship by boat and transit is 35-40 days, so plan ahead.  We can offer faster air shipping that is 18-30 days in transit, but the cost goes up about 30%.  DHL Airmail is used for smaller orders and is noted as the shipping method in the price chart tab. 

Pricing Chart

Alchemy Merch - Custom Desk Mat pricing


Can I order multiple designs?  
Yes, but we need at least 25 per design and they must be the same size.  We can do this within reason.  If you want 100 (25x4), that's ok.  If you want 500(25x20) it would add cost because of how much extra labor we'd be adding in.  For lower runs, it's ok to have multiple designs.

Do I need them to be waterproof?
Not really.  The majority of mats are not waterproof, but it can be a nice selling point to make it machine washable.  The standard mats are easy to clean with soapy water, rinsed and laid out to dry.  You cannot put one of these in the dryer either way.  Waterproofing can help people with spills, but the standard can be cleaned easily as well.  

Can I get these faster?  Why is the shipping so long?
The mats, especially the larger ones weigh a lot and take up a lot of space, so they are not economical to ship airmail outside of smaller amounts.  We can upgrade you to air shipping that is 18-30 days in transit vs 35-40 days in transit by boat, but it will add a good amount of cost (typically about +30% to the total).  Email us if you'd like pricing for that or airmail.  Although we can ship airmail on larger orders, it may easily 2x your cost.  

What is the turnaround on the mats?  
On items marked as "air" on the price sheet, turnaround is about 1 month from order.  For all others, Production takes 2-3 weeks and transit is on average another 4-5 weeks.  Unlike lighter items such as pins, these typically have to ship by boat.

Can I make a custom size or die cut shape?
Yes!  If you need a die cut shape, it is no problem.  There is an $80 one time mold fee added that would not be charged again on a reprint.  If you'd like a custom size rectangle, reach out and we can help get you priced.


The standard mats can be scrubbed with soap and water, rinsed off and dried, but should not be put into a washer.  You can upgrade to "waterproof" that can be put in a washer, but it's not as commonly needed, as you can clean them fine by hand.

Adding waterproofing can be a nice extra perk and selling point that could allow you to raise the retail price a few dollars as well.    


Choose your size you'd like to make.  This diagram below should help you decide what works best.  90cm x 40cm is a very popular and common size (about 36" x 16"

22cm x 18cm (Mousepad) - 8.66" x 7.09"
30cm x 25 cm (Large Mousepad) - 11.81" x 9.84"
60cm x 30cm - 23.62" x 11.81"
80cm x 30cm - 31.49" x 11.81" 
90cm x 40cm - 35.43" x 15.75" - most common size
100cm x 50cm - 39.37" x 19.69"
120cm x 60cm - 47.24" x 23.62"



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