Clack Fans


Why are they called clack fans?  When you snap them open, they make a loud clack! that reverberates through the room.  Fully customizable art, your choice of natural or painted bamboo handles and they can be single or double sided.

Orders can be split with multiple designs as long as you have 50 per design.  An order of 100 can be (50/50), 200 could be (50x4) or (100x2). 

* An order of 50 total cannot be 25/25.

The printing is done onto an oxford polyester blend.

Final size is 66cm (25" aka over 2ft wide) x 33 cm (12" tall)



What are they made of?
The handles are bamboo (natural or painted) and the fabric is an oxford polyester

Can I have multiple designs in an order?
Yes, but we need to have at least 50 per design.

How long do they take to make?
About a month

Do I see a sample first?
Yes, there will be both a digital proof and a physical sample show to be approved before the full run

Can I do a rush order?
Please email us first about any hard dates.  Due to airmail taking at least a week in transit currently, crazy hard rushes are very tough.  Maybe we could shave off 5-10 days, but we'd need to check with the factory.

Can they be double sided?
Yes!  It adds $0.30 per fan

Can I do my logo on the handle?
Yes! It adds $0.15 per fan and has to be a 1 color logo

Will these fans make me more fabulous?  


Please design to the edge.  There is a safety line and the bleed area and you just design for all of it.

Vector Template (Illustrator)

Raster Template (Photoshop)


Fans get a hard sample made (about one week) from digital proof approval.  If approved, they take another 2 weeks in production.  Overall, in hand, it's about a month on average.

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Mica Hendricks
Beautiful Fans!!!

The printing was beautiful, the fans were great quality, and they sold out right away--great job, as usual. Thank you so much, Alchemy!