Acrylic Standee w/ Base (Two Sided)


Looking to step up your art collectible game? Acrylic standees are an amazing way to showcase your art in a big way.  This item is for a double sided standee.  Although the art on the back doesn't have to be a mirror of the front, the shape does need to match.  If it's size is in between two sizes, such as 5.5", it needs to be rounded up to the 6" pricing.

Pricing is based on the total size (height & width) Pick your height and then choose the width.  If you are unsure of the size of your art, please email it to us to check out.

If you'd like a custom shaped stand, please upload the art for that as well.  The standard base shape is a circle/oval to fit and support your art.

Any size or quantity can be made, but for orders over 300 pieces or very wide but not tall designs, please email for an exact quote.

These are printed in full color and we can use gradients and as many colors as you need.  Files should be a minimum of 300 dpi/resolution at the size you'd like them made.


Can I have multiple designs in an order?  No.  Each design is it's own item/order, so we cannot combine multiple designs priced on the total amount.

Can I design the base? Yes.  If it's a custom blank shape, there is no added cost.  If you need a printed base, please email us for an exact quote.

Are these double sided?  Yes.  This item has both sides printed and have two pieces of plastic (one on each side) by default.  If you'd like single sided, it's a different item in the store

Can I add holographic paper and epoxy?  We can add holographic to one or both sides, but we cannot use epoxy or glitter epoxy on these like we can on a charm

Do they come with a base?  Yes.  If you do not request and supply a custom base, they will make a circle or oval to best balance your art for standing.

Can they be full color?  Yep!  Toss in all the gradients and colors you'd like.

Can the art on the back be different?  Yes.  The shape has to match, so you are welcome to have totally different art on the back as long as the overall shape matches.  If you only provide front side art, we will mirror it for the back for you.

Can I do a hard sample?  If you'd like to pay for a hard sample, please email us.  The cost can be very high, but we can get you an exact quote.  A single sample may run over $100 to do and goes up depending on complexity, size, etc.  Unless you need it for pre-orders, it's not financially viable to do runs below 50 to sell them.

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christopher henderson
scobby doo standee

This was my first time using this company and Im trilled with the product. The colors were true to my artwork and the customer service was fantastic, working with me when on small details of the image. The standeeds arrived very quickly after I approved the artwork. Once placed in the acrylic stand the standees fit very snug and very secure! I will absolutely be placing more orders with Alchemy.