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Travel in style with your own custom designed mini backpacks.  Laying flat is measures about 10" tall x 9" wide x 5" deep

Not only can you customize the design, but you can customize the strap color, zipper color and even the interior.  The default colors used are black, but others colors can be chosen as an upgrade.  Zipper Colors +$1 each, Interior Colors +$0.65 each, Strap Colors $1.50 each

Water Resistant Polyester
-20cm x 11cm x 24cm
-7 pockets (two side, one front, main compartment, three small inner pockets)
-Adjustable back straps

*All pricing includes delivery to you.


Can I have multiple designs in an order? You can have multiple designs in an order as long as there are 50 per design.  An order of 100 can be 50 x 2, an order of 200 could be 100/100 or 50 x 4, etc.  We cannot split an order of 50 into 25/25.

How long do they take to make? Production is about 4-6 weeks + transit from order.  Smaller orders will be shipped airmail (7-10 days in transit to Alchemy's office).  Total turnaround is approx 6-8 weeks.

Do I see a sample before the full production run?  Yes.  We will send you photos of a hard sample within 1-2 weeks of order.  If approved, they can be scheduled to be completed.  If we need adjustments, we can provide new files and see a new sample until you approve.

Can I design for different areas?  Yes, please let us know what sections you'd like to design for and we can provide some specs for the region.  

I need an amount not listed, can I order 150/250, etc? Yes, if you are looking for amounts not listed here, please email us for an exact quotes

I need a lot of them!  Can they be shipped cheaper?  Yes, orders of 300 or more can choose to be shipped by boat (an additional 4-8 weeks in transit) instead of airmail (5-7 days in transit) If your timeline allows it, we can save some money for you.  Other orders are shipped airmail from the factory to Alchemy office and shipped ups ground or usps priority to you.

Art Specs

A 5" x 5" repeating pattern works best for a more seamless look to your bag across sections.  If you'd like a pattern on the front and different design on the back is ok.  Please provide two files, marked front and back.  If you'd like to try and design for specific areas, please reach out to us for help with sizing those areas.

Please design at a minimum of 300 dpi/resolution for the best results.  Artwork with low resolution will not print well. 

Pricing Chart

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Zipper Colors

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