Needle Minder - Hard Enamel


Who's been minding your needles?  We have the solution for you.  These enamel needle minders are hard enamel and are made in a zinc alloy metal with two small magnets on the backside.  One gets glued to the back side of the metal and the other is linked to the first, so it can be removed and placed on the underside of whatever you'd like to put this one.  The magnet is strong enough to keep your needle just where it needs to be and fully minded.   

Hard Enamel are buffed down to be a flat surface and smooth on top.  They cost more because of the additional labor and some lines can thicken up from the buffing process while flattening.  

• All of our listed pricing includes mold fees, production & priority shipping to you.


Do I see a proof before they get made?  We send a digital proof for your review before production is officially scheduled.  If approved, we are rolling, but if you need adjustments, we will get new proofs until you approve.  There is not a hard sample fully completed to review before production resumes.  If you need to see a single sample first, it will 2x the turnaround.  They'd need to do a full labor run for a single item, and if approved, they have to start the process over again.  

How do the magnets work?  For needle minders to work properly, we need to use a zinc alloy mold and raw casting for the pins because it is not magnetic.  They will glue a magnet to the back side of the pin and supply a 2nd magnet so that you can remove one to be able to put it on the other side of something and they draw to each other.  

Can I do variants? Yes.  Simple variants are no problem or ones with at least 50 per color way.  If you have a lot of variants or tons of colors changing, specialty inks, changes in numbering, etc, please email us for an exact quote.  At the end of the day, pins are priced based on materials and labor.  If we do a run of 100 pins with 4 colors, 25 x 4 and each has different colors, we are creating a lot more labor than 100 of one color way.

Can you do other things not listed?  Yes! We can make spinners, latched pins, multi-piece pin on pin, translucent inks, pearl inks and more.  Please email us for an exact quote.

Can I do more than 8 colors?  Yep!  Each color adds 10c per pin.  We just have up to 8 on our site, but if you need 14 colors and are ok paying for that many, it's no problem.  Email us for an exact quote.

What's the difference between soft and hard enamel or soft w/ epoxy?  Soft enamel have flat metal and inks are at a lower profile/recessed.  Hard enamel are buffed down flat.  They cost more because they have additional labor steps.  Soft enamel with epoxy has a clear coating of epoxy added (free to do) and creates a flat surface, like a mock hard enamel.  This can be great if you have thinner details in your pin, want to use a soft enamel metal, etc.  We are big fans of soft epoxy here.

Do I need to pay upfront for my order?  Do you do 50/50 deposits?  All custom merchandise needs to be paid for in full upfront.  If you want something proofed first, email us and will can walk you through everything and get it proofed first.  We do have options for split payments at checkout that allow you to spread out the payments over time and they don't cost you more to do. 

What happens if my order gets messed up?  We are making hand made products and things can go wrong.  A color mixed up, the plating having small issues, etc.  Any order made wrong or with issues can be either re-made or refunded with the bad product returned.  We never want this to happen, but when it does, we have your back and it won't cost you anything.


Do you use Procreate?  Download our template as a zip with canvas and a brush set for Ink minimums, metal line minimums and cut out areas

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 10"x10" 300 dpi template with Brush Sets for Metal/Ink & Cut Outs

Backing Card Templates - Pins + Keychains

80x54mm Pin Backing Card 

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