Offset Printed - Die-Cut/Complex Shapes


Full color cmyk printed pins.  Perfect for high quality photographic images or full color gradient designs  Die Cut are for more complex shapes with cut ins, cut outs, and complex edges.

If you'd like an exposed edge of gold or nickel, please mention it in notes.  Designs can print to the edge, so choosing an exposed added edge is a design feature that can make your image pop.

Unsure?  Just email us and we can let you know and give an exact quote.


How are offset printed pins different than soft or hard enamel?  When a design has too many colors or a lot of small details that wouldn't hold in a casted mold, offset printed pins can be a great choice.  They put a clear epoxy coat over the printing to help protect it.

How long do they take to make?  Like other pins, they tend to be about a month in hand from proof approval to them being in hand.

Can I do other metals than gold or nickel?  For now, we stick to these two metals and have found they work best.

How do I know if my shape is complex?  You can always email us and we can let you know, but if your shape is pretty dynamic and has areas that cut in sharply, or have sharp corners or cut outs, it's 100% needed a die-casted mold

Can I print to the edges?  Yes.  We can do the printing all the way to the edge, but some people like to add a border of unprinted metal beyond the art.  It can be a nice way to get another texture or help your art pop a bit more.

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