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Woven patches use are 100% woven and are best used for very high detail designs.  They are the thinnest feeling of the 4 weights.  If you are unsure what you need, please email us.

*Merrowed Edge is the old school style of raised and rounded thread edge but can only be used for very basic shapes.  Circle, Square, rectangle, triangle, etc and can not be used on more complex shapes.

The default backing is Iron-On.  If you need a different backing type, please let us know.

If you need larger sizes or quantities, email for an exact quote.

Edge Types


What kind of backing do they come with?  We use an iron on backing by default, but if you'd like velcro, sticker(not permanent) or not iron on, please let us know.  Velcro adds 0.15 per patch

What happens after I order?  We will email you back confirming all details work as intended and then get the order submitted to the factory.  After about a week, they will send us a picture of a hard sample patch to review.  If you approve, we can schedule the full production, or we can make changes.  Woven take a little longer to see the samples due to the process (closer to 10 days)

What is a merrowed edge?  A merrowed edge is a raised border that can work on simple shapes like a circle, rectangle, square, triangle, etc.  This does not work on complex shapes.  We can do an embroidered edge if you'd still like a raised edge.

How long until I get my order?  Assuming we have a first approval on the hard sample (happens about 95% of the time), it's about a month in hand.

Can I do variants on a patch?  If you have variants, please email us for an exact quote.  They will cost more because it's creating more labor and machine time by splitting up the production.  It's not as much as doing separate patch orders, but it can add 20c+ per to the cost.  It all depends on the split and complexity.

What's the difference between 100% embroidered, 50% and Woven? 
• 100% embroidered patches have...100% of it embroidered.  these are the heaviest weight, but also hold the least fine details
• 50% Embroidered use a twill typically for a background color and the rest of the art will be raised and embroidered.  This is the way scout patches are typically done and have two levels of height.
• Woven patches are done using a plate and can hold the most fine details.  They are also the thinner/lightest weight.  You can add a merrowed edge or we can do an embroidered edge on a more complex shape to provide some weight to it.

I have a pin and a patch of the same art, what do you suggest for the sizing? It's not perfect math, but typically, if you 2x the size of a pin, it should work in an acceptable way as a patch.  If your pin is 1.5", the patch probably needs to be around 3"

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