Stickers - Vinyl (Glossy or Matte)


Full color printed pvc vinyl stickers with weather coating to hold up outside.  Choose a glossy or matte and if you'd like a normal backing or an "easy peel" that has been scored on the back for easier peeling of the backing paper.

If you'd like them "kiss cut", it means that the sticker will have a background (can be custom) and your sticker would peel off from it.  The black Alchemy sticker is an example of a kiss cut that peels off.

Pricing is per design and includes all printing and shipping.

Sizing is priced based off of up to a max size, so a 2.5" sticker would be 3", not 2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robyn Browne
Great Quality

Great Quality stickers but the waiting process was a little long for us

Dustie Butteiger
Great stickers

Alchemy is a great place to get your stickers from! Great quality and great service

Steph Dere
Best stickers!

Great stickers, quality, and colors!! Would def buy again!