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Create your own custom washi tape!  Tons of fun options to think about to make washi for sale to your customers, home use or branding on packaging.  Orders may use multiple designs if they are the same size and priced off of the total amount with a minimum of 50 per design.  An order of 100 could be 50 x 2 designs as long as they are the same size.

Washi can be made at any width, but we have some common sizes listed.  If you'd like a custom size, email us for pricing and a template.  Check our templates page for all product templates.

Washi comes in 10m long rolls and the pattern reprints every 350mm.  

Add a custom sticker label to the top for extra branding.


Can I have multiple designs in one order counted towards the total?
Yes.  We can price based off of total quantity if they are the same size, but not if they are different.  For example, 100 qty x 3 designs of 20mm can be priced as 300 total 20mm.  An order of 100 15mm + 100 20mm would be priced as two separate items. The minimum per design is 50, so 50(25/25) is not possible. 

Can I order a sample roll? 
No.  Washi get printed on large plates with stacked designs to fill up 300mm and the minimum they run is 50.  Each print run uses 4 plates (cmyk) and for the factory to run a single roll, it would need to be on a plate with 50 of other designs, which would print 50 rolls.

Is washi opaque?
No.  Traditional washi is printed on rice paper and is semi-transparent.  If you have white or unprinted areas, they will not be a 100% dense white tone unless the washi is put onto a white surface.  If you are needing something more like a piece of solid white paper, it's not washi.

Can I use the sticker label on multiple designs?
Yes.  If you have multiple designs of washi and want to use one branded top sticker label or different labels for each, it's the same cost.

What's the turnaround?
On average it will take about 3-3.5 weeks in production + transit.  Rushes might be available, but contact us concerning your date.  Anything in hand in under 3.5 weeks will not be possible.

Do you have templates?
Yes, we have templates for some popular/common sizes below as a download in vector format.  If opening in Raster software like Photoshop, make sure to open the template at 400 dpi/resolution and the same goes for if you design on a tablet.  If you are creating your own file on a tablet or in Photoshop, you need to make sure your canvas size is correct.  It must be 3mm wider than you want the final product to be and needs to be either 350mm long (full color washi) or 250mm long (foil washi) at 400 dpi.  If your design is a lower resolution, it will not look as nice as it can in real life.

Pricing Chart

Alchemy Merch - Custom Washi Price Chart


CMYK Print(full color) Washi File set up:

1. Artwork needs to be AI(best)/PSD or at least PDF.

2. Resolution of artwork needs to be at least 400dpi at scale if raster.  If vector, resolution doesn't matter.

3. The repeat length of design needs to be 350mm

4. The art needs a 1.5mm bleed on top and on bottom.  E.g. If you want 28mm Washi Tape, design it at 31mm (28 +3) - Our templates have that marked out

5. Adding a safe 3mm inner bleed (1.5 top/1.5 bottom) is advised if you are using text in your design or any crucial elements to keep them safely from the cut edges.

Standard CMYK Templates

10mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

15mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

20mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

25mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

30mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

32mm x 350mm (repeat) - 10m long Vector Template

Sticker Label Template

Top Sticker Label Vector Template

Production Time

CMYK washi - Production is 12-15 business day from digital proof approval
 + 10-14 days in transit
Average is about a month in hand from order date
Can it be rushed?  If you have a full plate (order of 500-1000 rolls), we might be able to get it a little quicker and ship directly (adds cost), but that may only shave off 1/2 week.

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Customer Reviews

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Ion Lis
Excellent quality

Great quality products, good customer service, always enjoy getting products made through alchemy merch!

Tommer Kahan
Level up achieved!

The washi tape really upgrades our packaging. The printing is great and the customer service was fantastic!

Esther Kekauoha
Cute Autumn Tape

My autumn tape design turned out great! The quality is way nice, colors look good, and the team there is really great at what they do.

Emily Wade
Lovely washi tape (≧▽≦)

My washi tape turned out so beautifully!! I ordered 2 designs and the quality and color of them are perfect :D customer service was fantastic, I communicated with Samantha and she was extremely helpful and prompt with her responses. Can't wait to make more washi tape with alchemy merch! Thank you (≧▽≦)

Michelle Naves
Awesome Washi Tape!

Great service. I’m very happy with the quality of the product.Perfect for my small business package.