Enamel Keychains

Classic metal and enamel inks. High durability. Available in hard or soft enamel

Enamel Keychains

Acrylic Keychains

Full color, plastic keychains. Multiple finishes available and attachment styles.

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Motel Keychains

Available in stamped foil or full color UV printing. These are making a huge comeback right now! Tons of plastic color options ot choose from.

Motel me!

PVC Keychains

Molded 2D or 3D PVC plastic keychains. Simple or bold designs work best for these.

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Patch Keychains

Carry your design with you everywhere! These work best as woven or 50% embroidered and are double sided with a merrowed edge.

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Create retail quality keychains with us!

At Alchemy, we focus on producing retail quality custom enamel, acrylic, pvc and patch keychains. Our mission is to help you make the best merchandise you can for your brand.

Learn about the differences in keychain styles

Enamel Keychains
Hard Enamel:
Casted metal molds with enamel inks and buffed down flat to have a smooth surface

Soft Enamel: Casted metal molds with enamel inks that have raised/flat metal and the ink at a lower height. Epoxy can also be added for free to create a mock hard enamel

Acrylic Charm Keychains
Charms are printed in full color, so gradients and smaller details print well. You can choose single or double sided (most orders) and the board styles. Double Board and Two sides printed is the most common method and about 90% of all charm orders. You can choose what kind of attachment style you'd like.

Boards: A board is a piece of plastic over the printed art. Double board simply means that the art is sandwiched between 2 pieces of plastic.

Glitter Epoxy & Holographic Finishes
You can replace the plastic on one side with glitter epoxy that domes over the art, but we can't do both sides with glitter epoxy because you need at least one piece of plastic. Holographic paper can be added to one of both sides of your design. A popular combination is glitter epoxy on one side and holographic on the other.

Motel Keychains
We offer two styles of motel keychains.

UV printed allow you to print full color images on one or both sides of your keychain. Art can be different on each side.

Stamped/Embossed Motel keychains are great for single color images and use a foil stamping method. Single or double sided are available and you can choose your base plastic color.

PVC Keychains
Molded PVC plastic keychains. Simple or bold designs work best for these. A back logo can be added as well.

Patch Keychains
Although we have a size listed on here, we can make any size or shape you'd like. Patch keychains work best when either using woven or 50% embroidered styles. Designs are typically double sided and can have different art on each side without changing the cost. Max Colors: 8. Min order amount - 100 quantity per design