Acrylic Charms - One Sided


Acrylic charms are a great way to show your full color art on a product used daily, most often as keychains.  

Hardware is included and comes attached.

Single print means that there is one side printed and the back side would be just solid white with no print.

Board is the piece of plastic. 

Single Board means there is plastic on the front on top of the image and the back has a texture over it to seal it in, but is not plastic.

Double Board means there is a 2nd piece of plastic on the backside of the piece as well.

• Glitter Epoxy is only on Single board and takes the place of a 2nd piece of plastic.

Unsure?  Email us and we can walk you through it.


What is the difference between single and two sided charms?
The most common are Two Sided Charms that have an image on the front and back side.  Single sided charms have no image on the back and would be solid white.

If I do two designs of 50 pieces each, are they combined and priced as 100?
No, each individual design will require its own quote and cannot be combined.

What is the difference between a single acrylic board and double acrylic board?

  • Single Acrylic Boards - With single acrylic board charms, the artwork is printed/stamped into the back of a board and coated for protection. When viewed from the front, you see the artwork through the acrylic and it is smooth and shiny. The back, however, will be matte and have a bit of texture if you run your finger along it. It can be a pretty cool effect!
  • Double Acrylic Boards - The artwork is sandwiched on both sides by two slabs of acrylic board. When viewing the charm from either side, the top remains smooth and shiny.

Can charms have cutouts in the middle?
Unfortunately, they cannot. However, you can leave spots intentionally transparent  in your design. E.g: A donut design where the hole in the center is just clear acrylic.

Does two sided printing need to be the same design on both the front and back of the charm?
No they do not. However, you need to make sure that the outlines of both the front and back design match up. If not you will have random bits of white poking out. Below is an example of a charm that has a front and back with different colorization.  Think of two pieces of paper cut into shapes.  If they are not exactly the same, you'd see the backside of any areas that extend beyond the shape of the other.

Can designs be die cut to the edge of the artwork?
No they cannot.  There must always be an acrylic bleed between the edge of the charm and the artwork. That bleed is 2.5mm.  We will assign this for you in your file, so no need to worry about it.

Are there different types of finishes for acrylic charms? (E.G: Glitter, holo)
Holographic: Can only be applied to one side of the charm. (Owl example photo)

Epoxy: A layer of epoxy is placed on the tip of a single acrylic board charm.

Glitter: Glitter is mixed in with the epoxy above, and brushed onto the charm.

How long do they take to get made?
On average it's about 3-4 weeks

What kinds of attachment options do I have?
We have a list of attachments in stock, but if you are looking for something specific, please show us an image and we can most likely find it.

Is there a protective film on the plastic?
Yes.  When you get them in, the top layer will have a protective lining of plastic that can be peeled off.  Once removed, everything will look much brighter.  It helps protect the surface in transit.


Alchemy Custom Acrylic Charms Attachments

Price Chart

Alchemy Single Sided Acrylic Charm Pricing

Design Specs

What file format should I submit my design as?
A large, 300 DPI image saved as PSD or PNG with a transparent background is ideal. However, we can work with what you have. A large high quality image can also work and Vector is always ok.

Do I need to mirror text if it is on the back side of a design?
Yes.  Text placed on the back of a charm needs to be mirrored or else it will print backwards. Example shown above of nessy.

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