Motel Keychains - Stamped/Embossed


Fill the vacancy in your store by checking out these stamped/embossed motel keychains (mini bar not included).  This style has the artwork embossed or stamped into them.  They do require molds which is included in the price.  For a cheaper option or different look, check out the printed keychains.

These tend to be one color, but the back side stamped color can be different from the front.

Hardware is included and comes attached.  Please pick Silver or Gold or ask us about other stamped colors.

These are single or double sided (select your choice)

Unsure?  Email us and we can walk you through it.


If I do two designs of 50 pieces each, are they combined and priced as 100?
No, each individual design will require its own quote and cannot be combined. 

What file format should I submit my design as?
A large, 300-400 DPI image saved as  PSD with a transparent background is ideal. However, we can work with you if you do not have a way to save a PSD. A large high quality png image can also work and Vector is always ok.  You can send us whatever and we will check it out. 

Can the art be different on the front/ backside?
Yes.  That's no problem.

How long do they take to get made?
On average it's about 3 weeks (Two weeks of production + 1 week of transit to our office)

What kinds of attachment options do I have?
We have a list of attachments in stock, but if you are looking for something specific, please show us an image and we can most likely find it.

Will these give me access to the Great Northern Hotel or the Black Lodge?
No, but the gum you like is going to come back in style.


Motel Keychain Template - Vector

Motel Keychain Template - Raster/Photoshop

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