3D Coins & Challenge Coins


Create your own coins and challenge coins that are double sided.  This product can have the same image on both sides or different images on each side for the same cost.  A classic look for these is to use an antique metal and sandblasting to achieve a rustic look.  

3mm+ thick.  We can use inks colors, but it will affect the amount of 3D we can achieve.  Inks need to be in a flat area.

If you want a single sided coin, they are priced the same as pins and you can request no back posts.

Pricing includes 2 molds, all production and shipping within the USA.

For sizes larger than 2" or dual plating, please email us for an exact quote.  


If the art is the same on both sides, are they cheaper?  Even if we have a double sided coin and the art is the same on each side, we still need two molds made, so the cost would be the same

Can I have ink in my coins?  Although we can add inks to a 3D coin, it will compromise the 3D elements.  Ink must be in a flat area (its a liquid until cured in the oven), so it will restrict the surrounding elements in how much they can curve and stand out.

How can I get more than one tone in a coin?  If you choose one of the antique metals, any recessed areas will be darker in tone.  If you choose one of the shiny metals such as Gold on Nickel, the recessed areas will have no tonal shift.

Can you make single sided coins?  Yep, you'd just pick a pin instead and ask for no posts on the back, so it would be cheaper than a double sided coin

How long do they take to make?  Coins, like pins typically are around a month in hand from digital proof approval

Do I see a proof before they get made?  We send a digital proof for your review before production is officially scheduled.  If approved, we are rolling, but if you need adjustments, we will get new proofs until you approve.  There is not a hard sample fully completed to review before production resumes.  If you need to see a single sample first, it will 2x the turnaround.  They'd need to do a full labor run for a single item, and if approved, they have to start the process over again.  


Do you use Procreate?  Download our template as a zip with canvas and a brush set for Ink minimums, metal line minimums and cut out areas

Procreate Templates with Pin minimums
 10"x10" 300 dpi template with Brush Sets for Metal/Ink & Cut Outs

Backing Card Templates - Pins + Keychains

80x54mm Pin Backing Card 

75x100mm Pin Backing Card


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