Slip Mats - Sublimated (Full Color)


Spice up your record player with custom slip mats.  It's a great way to showcase your art for your customers and is the perfect item to make as an add on for a vinyl release. 

All slip mats are single sided by default, but you can choose to have it be double sided for extra.  If the art on the back is different, there is an additional $25 plate fee for new backside art.  If the art is the same, it's just the extra charge for printing and not additional plate fees. 

We do a 4mm thick felt for sublimated by default.  If you'd like a different a size, we can do between 2mm-5mm.  Please mention a specific thickness in the notes if you need a different one.

All pricing includes shipping to you within the USA.  


How long do they take to make?  On average, the slip mats can run 4-5 weeks from order to being in your hands.  They typically will run a hard sample first for us to review and if approved, they schedule the full run.  Although this adds to the timeline, it helps us know they look how we want them to.

What are they printed on?  The mats are made of felt.  We have a lot of color options for screen printed mats, but sublimated mats must be made on white.

How are they printed? The printing is done with full color sublimation onto white felt.  Your designs can be full color and have gradients.  You can choose to have them single or double sided,


Art should be sized at least 300 dpi/resolution at 12" in a circle for the best print results.  Any common file format will work.  PSD, PNG, Ai, PDF and vectors are usually the most common.

Slip Mat Templates

Vector Slip Mat Template

Raster/ PSD Slip Mat Template

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