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15 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Here's 15 quick tips for new entrepreneurs...according to Greg

  1. Don't fake it until you make it.  Create it until you make it.  Set goals and work towards them and keep creating.  Not all ideas need to become a physical product but keep pushing yourself.

  2. Work harder than everyone else.  

  3. We all have failures. Use it as a learning opportunity, let it go, and move forward.

  4. In the beginning, you will be pulling double duty working and starting your business in the hours after normal work is done. It's how most of us started.

  5. Don’t overextend your budget on your first run of products. Things always change from what your first idea was and you want to be able to have money to make new things.

  6. If it sells out, you can always make more.  

  7. Work with people who can help you complete your project successfully. I'm all for DIY, but when your money is on the line and you are new, hiring experts helps you get it made right. You can print your own shirts at home, but in reality, it's smarter to hire a print shop. There are people who help produce products for a living. Use them.

  8. Getting feedback and constructive criticism is always encouraged, but the final decisions needs to be made based off of what you think is the right path and what aligns with your vision. Everyone has an opinion, especially on social media, but often, the loudest voices are the ones who never buy anything.

  9. Pursue a business that will keep you inspired and is true to you. Honesty in what you do is recognized.

  10. Be willing to say no to opportunities that are too big for where you are realistically. Going broke producing something you can’t afford to make is a bad idea. Get their contact info and follow up when the time is right.

  11. Learn to be flexible.  Perfect production doesn't exist and things happen.  Every product and medium will have its own variables.  When an issue comes up, take a breath, step back and focus on correcting it.

  12. Take the time to find your original voice and perspective. Ask yourself why you want to do this and what you bring new to the table. We all have some unique angle or idea and the best brands are the ones creating their own path.

  13. Stay humble and share your knowledge with others.

  14. Every market is oversaturated. The people in it for the wrong reasons weed themselves out quickly, so don’t concern yourself too much unless your competition is hungrier than you are.

  15. If you ever think there’s nothing to do, you are either thinking too small or avoiding the hard work.
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